Never Forget! - islam is a Death Cult

islam Has Always Been at WAR Against the USA

Tough times call for Tough TRUTH.

Wake Up America, islam is trying to murder you!

islam is Not a Religion - It's a barbaric Death Cult

By DEFINITION, ALL muslims are enemies of the USA and Free Peoples EVERYWHERE.  IF they ARE muslim they are bound to attack, undermine or otherwise defeat the USA and Our Freedom, Liberty and Constitution.  It is part of their cabal/cult of EVIL as defined in their disgusting koran.  If you ARE muslim, you cannot hold office and swear allegiance to the USA.  It is self evident that these savages are determined to Destroy the USA and EVERY Free Nation on Our Planet.

Creeping Sharia: The ISLAMIZATION of the WEST

Hear Donald Trump recite 'The Vicious Snake'

People must realize that those who follow islam, the koran and sharia are bound by their doctrines and teachings to do violence and mayhem on fellow humans who do not believe as they do. There is NO Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Thought or Freedom of anything within islam. It is a sociopolitical barbaric social structure that, at its very core, is an inhumane DEATH CULT.

We must stop thinking of islam as a religion. It is a sociopolitical savage philosophy that espouses violence, subjugation/slavery, murder and spawns terrorism all over the Planet. It is a political dogma that accepts no compromise. It is uncivilized and promotes abuse of women and children. It suppresses education and Freedom and has no acceptance of any who disagree.

When met with another viewpoint, the Islamist's first reaction is to violently suppress, dominate or destroy any who attempt to have a belief other than that of Islam. It is clearly written within their doctrine and they arrogantly shout it in violent demonstrations around the World.

Islamic nations have not developed beyond a primitive state. They have no culture that is not borrowed, bought or stolen. Their wealth is from their natural resources, not from work, development, ingenuity or skill. The Western Nations have fed this cancer with oil money. They have aided the growth by ignoring the basic evil that is Islam to promote their own wealth by feeding the beast with oil money.

Those who point out the new and futuristic cities of the Middle East, fail to realize that they were built by imported labor from poor countries and the workers subjugated and poorly paid (given the vast wealth available). It was Western trained architects, designers and builders who built up the Middle East Cities. It has been the Civilized Countries that have provided technology, and attempted to provide education to promote modern civilization to a population driven by tribal conflicts, primitivism and violence.

Their Sharia Law is a crude savage set of rules from the 7th century that shows no mercy and only provides for 'legal' slavery, murder and violence. It is uncivilized, cruel and borders on base insanity when compared to the modern Rule of Law. It allows for total subjugation of all who disagree, provides no freedom of discourse and tolerates no other viewpoints.

When treating a cancer, it must be cut out, starved out, burned out or otherwise destroyed for the host to survive. The host in this case is our Planet and modern Civilization. It is not just infecting the Middle East, it has metastasized throughout Western Nation States. Wherever it appears, violent demonstrations and infiltration occurs. It infests healthy cells, neighborhoods and weak minded people, suppressing the more human traits of generosity, tolerance and charity; replacing them with violence, greed and a goal of total domination.

If we as a civilized human race are to survive this cancer, it must be annihilated it cannot just be contained. The cancer must not be further fed. To help cure our Planet from this cancer, only a total rejection of Islam can be accepted. Maybe some philosopher can re-write and delete the violence espousing parts and convert Islam into a more civilized doctrine; but I sincerely doubt it.

The less violent Muslim Nation States have remained silent and unresponsive in the wake of all the horrendous violence perpetrated by Islamists around the Planet. This, in and of itself, is tantamount to support and many of these Countries do indeed support the violence in secret.

Those Islamists who have infiltrated other Countries have lied and cheated their way into the host country. When becoming citizens of the new host Country, they lie and do not truly adopt any loyalty to the host Country. This is their insidious plan. To infiltrate, over populate, disrupt and eventually dominate the host Country they have infected. Like cancer cells these individuals dominate otherwise healthy cells by intimidation and violence. They infect the host and suck the nutrients (goods and services – welfare) from the host. They too must be either eliminated or cured of this violent disease. Unfortunately there will be few that can be cured as they have suffered internal corruption by insidious indoctrination from birth.

This is a battle to the death. It has never before happened on this Planet in the past. We have seen wars and strife for centuries but nothing like this insidious Evil that threatens our very survival as a civilized human species. We as a Human Civilization cannot tolerate unadulterated Evil that is Islam. There can be no peace with insane terrorists. They must unfortunately be destroyed in order for our Planet and Human Civilization to survive and advance.

Naval Act of 1794 - Formed the first USA Naval force to fight the muslim terror in the Mediterranean and protect shipping lanes from muslim savages. The USA has been at war with islam ever since.  The savages lied, cheated, murdered, enslaved and held the World as hostage and demanded ransom for Our ships and sailors in the 1700's.  Today, they continue to do so, with threats/acts of terror and barbarism.  Constant invasion and acts of terror, violence and mayhem plague the cities where they infest. Read Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates.

Savage Acts by muslims upon America:

History keeps repeating itself.

Does NO ONE See the Pattern Here?

1.  In 1968, Robert Kennedy was Shot and Killed by a Muslim Male.

2.  In 1972, at the Munich Olympics, Israeli Athletes were Kidnapped

and Massacred by Muslim Males.

3.  In 1972, a Pan Am 747 was Hijacked and eventually Diverted to

Cairo where a Fuse was lit on Final Approach.?? Shortly after Landing,

it was Blown up by Muslim Males.

4.  In 1973, a Pan Am 707 was Destroyed in Rome With 33 People Killed,

when it was Attacked with Grenades by Muslim Males.

5.  In 1979, the United States Embassy in Iran was taken over by Muslim Males.

6.  During the 1980's, a number of Americans were Kidnapped in Lebanon

by Muslim Males.

7.  In 1983, the United States Marine Barracks in Beirut was Blown up by Muslim


8.  In 1985, the Cruise Ship Achilles-Lauro was Hijacked, and a

70-year-old American Passenger was Murdered and thrown Overboard in

his Wheelchair by Muslim Males.

9.  In 1985, TWA Flight 847 was Hijacked at Athens, and a United

States Navy Diver, who was trying to Rescue Passengers - was murdered

by Muslim Males.

10.  In 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 was bombed by Muslim Males.

11.  In 1993, the World Trade Center was Bombed for the First Time by

Muslim Males.

12.  In 1998, the United States Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were

Bombed by Muslim Males.

13.  On 09/11/01, FOUR Airliners were Hijacked.?? Two of the Planes

were used as Missiles to take down the World Trade Centers.?? One Plane

Crashed into the United States Pentagon, and the other Plane was Diverted and Crashed

by the Passengers.?? Thousands of People were Killed by Muslim Males.

14.  In 2002, the United States fought a War in Afghanistan against Muslim Males.

15.  In 2002, reporter Daniel Pearl was Kidnapped and Beheaded by you

guessed it - a Muslim Male (Plus two other American Journalists who

had just recently been Beheaded.)

16.  In 2013, the Boston Marathon Bombing resulted in Four Innocent

People, including a Child, being Killed and 264 other People injured

by Muslim Males.

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