With the devastating attack on Paris, it proves ISIS is winning. France is about to declare an extension of marshal law and suspending all citizen's rights. They have no Constitution to protect the People as We The People of America do.

Radical Muslims who worship the savage islam and the koran don't need to fully conquer territory. They can subjugate the People of the Planet and enslave them to Fear! Undefended citizens of every Nation and City on the Planet are fearful of an ISIS or other savage muslim attack.

We must stop thinking of islam as a religion. It is a sociopolitical savage philosophy that espouses violence, subjugation/slavery, murder and spawns terrorism all over the Planet. It is a political dogma that accepts no compromise. It is uncivilized and promotes abuse of women and children. It suppresses education and Freedom and has no acceptance of any who disagree.

Their best and most effective weapon is FEAR. It gives strength to governments who will use this to further subjugate the Citizens by false statements of security. There is NO Security while barbarians run amok through the streets.

The invasion of savage barbarians continues in Europe. The overrun areas have lost all of their historical culture to the invading savages. This is what Obama want's to happen to the USA. It is NOT an exaggeration at all, if you want to keep your Freedom & Liberty, we must FIGHT against these savages.

Liberal political correctness is a weapon these savages use against all civilized peoples. We MUST realize that muslims, ALL believe in the koran of islam. If you doubt their intention, Read the Koran! They shout it out, it is in there doctrine, it is broadcast in their social and recruiting media, it is in their koran. They want to totally Dominate the Planet by any and all means possible.

Murder, rape and brutal treatment of all who disagree is not only approved but encouraged by the koran and all the insane mullahs in every mosk in every country. They believe as a death cult, that human lives have no value. They will pursue this savage goal as long as they are able.

The Civilized World needs to understand that this is a fight to the DEATH between civilization and savages. It's NOT just ISIS or the other cults, it is islam and muslims! They are a death cult and only believe in domination by the few, not Freedom and Liberty for all. THAT is why they hate America, Western Civilization and FREEDOM!

Civilization is at risk and we may not be able to recover but we MUST TRY.